Melbourne Lithuanian School “Baltija” is a Lithuanian language community school for children from pre-school to Year 8. The school was established in September, 2014, by Dr. Audra Mockaitis, Irmantas Domarkas and Teresa Rukšėnas.  The school was established having felt a need for educating our newest generation of children in Lithuanian language and culture. In January, 2013, a Lithuanian language playgroup, Koalų ratelis, was established with the intent of continuing children’s education when they become of school age. In 2015 our school debuted with Lithuanian language kindergarten and first grade classes. In 2016 we have grown to accommodate four classes, including a mixed-ages class for non-native speakers. We will continue to grow and tailor our curriculum as the need arises to accommodate the needs of our Lithuanian community.

Our school is accredited by the Victoria Department of Education.

Contact: Please contact the school principal, Irmantas Domarkas at: for all enquiries.

Location: We are located at 3 Dickens Street, Elwood, VIC, at the Melbourne Latvian School “Daugava”.

Curriculum: Our curriculum is based on guidelines established by the US-Lithuanian community Education Council for Lithuanian language schools abroad, and is also aligned to the Australian language schools standard (AUSVELS). Students progress through various stages of learning (Level 1 through Level 6). Textbooks are aligned with AusVELS levels as well as tailored to each child’s school year and level of ability. We utilize textbooks and materials written for and published in Lithuania for Lithuanian primary school children.

Specialist programs are offered at the Baltija School. In addition to developing children’s language knowledge, we also aim to provide an appreciation of Lithuanian culture, history, and the arts, and also encourage individual self-expression in Lithuanian language. Our extra activities may include: folk dancing, folklore/ethnography studies, singing, drama, as well as history, literature and geography classes (these latter advanced level classes will be introduced in later years to children in Levels 5 and 6 as staffing permits).

Enrolment:  Enrolments are open each year in January before the start of the school year. All children enrolled in primary school in Victoria are welcome to enrol in our school. Children up to the age of 4 are welcome to join our playgroup “Koalų ratelis” that meets every other Sunday. Our school calendar may be found here.

For enrolment forms and parent information, follow this link.


We currently have four classes as follows.

  • Eglutės. This is a kindergarten (or prep) class for children not yet in year 1. Children will be given a basic understanding of the Lithuanian alphabet, reading and writing.
  • Klevai. This group is for native Lithuanian speakers, who are of primary school age and in their first years at school. Children are taught from Lithuanian language textbooks used in the primary school curriculum in Lithuanian. They should have an excellent grasp of Lithuanian language and should already have a basic reading comprehension level.
  • Ąžuolai. This group is for children who are capable at reading and writing in Lithuanian. The class begins at year 3 level in the Lithuanian curriculum.
  • Berželiai. This class is for non-native speakers of Lithuanian, or Lithuanian speakers as a second language. This is a mixed ages group and aims to give children a basic proficiency in Lithuanian language.